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My approach

As an individual and parent of children who greatly benefited from chelation I stand behind this method. 

I care because I know how truly life-changing chelation can be not only for individuals but entire families. And the ripple effects get bigger, when entire families chelate and get healthier.


I'll be forever grateful for Andy's generosity of time and expertise and I want this website to be a place, where people can find it and learn about it without concerns about social media censoring it. 


This website is my humble attempt at keeping his knowledge accessible for those who prefer one-on-one communication and someone to hold their hand, so to speak, until they feel more confident about mapping out their chelation journey on their own.

Let me be your guide to help you orient yourself and navigate the early rounds alongside you.

I have been there, dealt with the anxieties, researched questions, and found solutions.

If you are ready to take action, if you're driving yourself and/or others crazy with procrastination, head to the Coaching Section now.

Compass & Map
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