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Chelation Steps

Andy Cutler Chelation (ACC) is the deliberate use of tiny doses of chelators, molecules capable of binding to heavy metals, on a rigid schedule for 3 days per week. Those three days are considered a "round". A round needs to last a minimum of 64 hours.

True Chelators are Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMSA (DiMercaptoSuccinicAcid), DMPS (DiMercapto-PropaneSulfonic acid) Capitalization added to indicate abbreviation. (Note: DMSA and DMPS require a prescription in the USA.)

Before starting the first round 4 supplements are given for a minimum of two weeks. The "Essential 4" are:

  1. Magnesium

  2. Zinc

  3. Natural Vit E

  4. Vit C

Why are the E4 -Essential 4?

Mercury does damage by oxidizing cell membranes and replacing zinc in enzymes effectively disabling them. 

Using lots of antioxidants -both water and fat soluble ones- helps to minimize the damage already done. Zinc also is necessary for the production of Metallthioninns. Metallothioneins are proteins that shuttle metals such as zinc itself but also mercury and cadmium. By increasing the amount of MT we are creating a buffer for mercury that is mobilized by chelation to be passivated in our bodies, thus minimizing the damage it would otherwise inflict.

Magnesium is poorly retained in mercury toxic individuals. 

Hence the need for frequent supplementation.

Adressing a higher need for zinc helps with repair and countering deficiency as well.

Yeast and adrenal support are also often beneficial.

Liver support in the form of milk thistle extract or lecithin can also be supportive.

Chelators are given at a dosage of 1/8 mg per lbs.

ALA is to be dosed every 3 hours or more often. Two 4 hour night stretches are permissible.

DMSA is to be dosed every 4 hours or more often.

DMPS is dosed every 8 hours or more frequently.

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