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Sandra Gentry

Chelation Coach


Reasons to Chelate

Diagnoses and descriptors that can be linked to heavy metal toxicity.


Chelation Basics

What does chelation mean and entail?


How To Chelate

Putting it into action.


Some common Questions

Some frequently asked questions answered.

Coaching Services
My Approach
I care. I care about each family I help. I care because I remember only all to well, what it feels like to start this process and wondering, whether I can do this without one-on-one guidance. And I will be forever grateful for the listserv group, where I did find help from other parents and adults on the same path. I found that the more I learned the how and the why, the easier it got for me. I wish to share what I have learned over the years to shorten your learning curve.
About me

I'm a mom who never gave up on her child. That drive and maternal  instinct coupled with voracious reading led me to learn about 'chelation'.

My Mission
My goal is to help 1000 families successfully use ACC within the next 4 years.
I donate at least 9% of my annual profits to charities concerned with environmental protection and conservancy because it's my belief that our bodies' toxicity is a reflection of an increasingly toxic environment.

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