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My Approach

"Progress begins with the belief that what is necessary is possible."-  Norman Cousins (Yes, I am a quote lover.)


If you believe that "what is necessary is possible," you've come to the right place. Let me teach you about Low Dose Frequent Chelation as pioneered by the late Andrew Hall Cutler, Ph D Chem, Princeton. He devoted the last two decades of his life to helping others recover from heavy metal toxicity. He came there after studying chemistry and recovering his own health to a point where he was functional again.

I aim to teach you what I've learned from his writings and applying them. This may include new ways of looking at or doing things, & tailored chelation solutions for your personal situation, so you can implement chelation with ease.

I came to learn of Andy Cutler Chelation (ACC) in February of 2012, when my oldest son was noticeably behind in social and motor skills. In my research and through prior promptings of a dear friend I looked into the symptoms of different heavy metal toxicities. In the town we lived in she had learned arsenic occurs naturally in the soil. I just filed that away in my head as a bit of information that became more important as I learned about low dose frequent chelation or ACC (Andy Cutler Chelation, named thus by the people who chelate according to his instructions) works.

Since 2012 ACC has changed my childrens' and my own life. If your family was exposed to heavy metals and you find your own symptoms here or your child's here, it can change yours for the better, too.

As chelation coach I can help you make sense of the list of things you see your child doing, because through chelation I have reversed a lot of symptoms my children and myself had.

The same goes for adults. Do you have a a laundry list of symptoms, but no doctor has connected the dots, yet? Or maybe you found a provider who did bring up mercury toxicity but the ever skeptical questioner in you, started searching online and ended up here... :) I know you're kind because my obsessive search for a root cause led me to ACC. I am happy to report that the obessiveness lessens with chelation. :)

I will listen to your concerns and descriptions of your own observations with wisdom, intuition & heart.  

I define wisdom as personal experiences and insights paired with deep subject matter knowledge.

I want to know where you come from-both literally and figuratively speaking- and where you currently are.

Why am I that detailed? Heavy metal exposures can be tied to a variety of phenomena both natural and man-made such as rock erosion, mine tailings, industrial accidents, and emissions generated by coal fired power plants, and natural background radiation, factory emission.

Knowing where the exposure occured, or if it is still ongoing are crucial factors, when planning chelation.

I analyze hair test results to find clues. Between Andy's second book and combining hairtests and the reports of parents' reports and that of adults and myself, I have learned to glean quite a bit of predictive information from them.

I ask questions that elucidate and penetrate the surface level of what is going on. When you see a cranky 3 year old, I may see a child who doesn't know how to self-regulate, yet and has an even harder time acquiring that skill because their body is affected by heavy metals. Yes, fatigue makes any toddler cranky but cranky is not a normal default mode. Maybe it's adrenal fatigue, maybe it is tied to frustration about being unable to communicate because lead and/or mercury have derailed normal neurological development.

I can serve you by answering your specific questions about Low Dose Frequent Chelation or help you address issues you encounter during chelation. My goal is to empower you with the knowledge I have acquired over thousands of hours of educating myself and others on the topic of what heavy metals do in our bodies in terms of symptoms, and most importantly how to counter and reverse the symptoms of heavy metal toxicity by eliminating the root cause itself; the heavy metals mercury, lead, and arsenic.

If all this seems daunting and you think: How to organize all of this, how do I give my child, who doesn't swallow capsules or pills, supplements? You are not alone. I have been there.

If your goal is to begin chelation, I can help. If you have been chelating and want advice from someone further along the road, go ahead and book a call with me.

No one wants a sick child healthy as much as their parents.

I started as a mom learning and vowed early on to pay it forward. This website and my services are my humble attempt to spread the knowledge Andy Cutler shared in his publications, groups, interviews, and personal communications.

If the tragedy of a diagnosis strikes, don't let it discourage you permanently from trying to help your child. Make it a stepping stone to returning to health.

Non-verbal children learning how to form words, children with allergies no longer having allergies, children who used to have poor motor skills learning them effortlessly, children who couldn't understand social interactions having reciprocal interactions and participating in group activities, just being kids and not 'the sick child' in a crowd....those are things parents who chelate their children report consistently. Of course, I can't predict any individual child's outcome but a hairtest and history of mother and child and other clues give me a good idea, if someone is a good candidate for chelation.

And let me be clear, ACC doesn't replace other therapies that increase a child's functionality but chelating heavy metals removes a huge obstacle from their body, which keeps children locked up in their own world, in stereotypies, in stims, plagued by allergies, teenage girls whose anxiety spikes just as they are maturing and stepping into more agency, and other chronic issues.

Likewise adults with medical diagnoses can benefit from appropriate medical treatment prior to and during chelation. Chelation over time may make treatment for allergies, migraines, OCD and other diagnoses superfluous because chelation targets the root cause.

No matter what the age of a person, or the diagnostic label or symptom cluster; if the symptoms are caused by heavy metals, ACC can help improve outcomes for the individual in question; be it you or a loved one you're helping.


Improving lives is my goal for all of my clients.

I aspire to help as many individuals and families as possible to heal themselves and their children from chronic heavy metal toxicity. One family at a time we can change the world!!!

I do this work because I want Andy's work to be accessible to as many people as possible. Switching from 100% pro bono to paid work allows me to keep this website up to date and interact with some of the most resilient and tenacious individuals I've ever had the pleasure of meeting. 

"Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear."
-Ambrose Redmoon

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